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Dairy Products
Why all-natural? Many customers ask me about the reasons I use organic and whole products in my work
Always fresh natural milk, cream and butter — that's what I use for my pastries
Why do I always proudly declare my philosophy of using finest natural milk, butter and cream instead of powdered milk and margarine (a less expensive alternative to butter)? The main reason I avoid processed products and use only natural ingredients is because they have a better taste and are healthier.

Whilst processed foods negative side effects do appear to be filling headlines more and more often. Moreover, remember that traditional French Pastry is based on natural components simply because the recipes go back in time when people had no access to modern inventions such as processed food and imitations.
Grass-fed cows in the Azores islands — Atlantic Ocean archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal, — are famous for its high-quality natural dairy products that I prefer to use in my Pastries
Natural Butter
Why is it better than imitation butter spreads?
It's no secret that mainstream pastries (especially produces in factories and sold in supermarkets) are often produces with the use of butter spreads (margarine, a product developed to imitate butter). I prefer to use natural butter instead for several reasons
Many margarines are high in trans fat, which is linked to an increased risk of chronic disease.
Butter from grass-fed cows contains much greater amounts of heart-healthy nutrients.
Butter from grass-fed cows contains much greater amounts of heart-healthy nutrients.
A good diet comes with healthy fats, natural products, adequate caloric consumption and physical activity. It's vital to eliminate trans-fats, processed mainstream products and focus on hand-made, quality food.

This strategy will be very beneficial for your health in the long run as it is the foundation of Prevention and Anti-Aging.
Natural Cocoa Plantations
That's why in my natural and fresh pastry, I use only Organic chocolate from trusted family-owned suppliers.

For example, for my Tarte Four Seasons and Tarte Chocolate (shown below) I have chosen Dark Belgian Fine chocolate to prepare delicious Mousse and Ganache!
Chocolate Sphere, dessert by Denis Galygin
Tarte Wild Figs
Wild Figs, Raspberry sauce and Belgian Chocolate with the finest Port Wine. Composition: Chocolate Dough, Chocolate Ganache, Wild Figs, Raspberry
Tarte Chocolate
Finest Belgian Chocolate: chocolate filling and delicate notes of citrus. Composition: Chocolate dough, Chocolate ganache, Сitrus Confit
Taste Four Seasons
Special Ginja Crème & Cherry. Composition: Chocolate dough, Chocolate Ganache, Ginja Crème
Denis Galygin
Pastry Chef & Dessert Artist
An avid perfectionist, professional and creative soul — Chef Denis has an extensive experience in top culinary projects by Michelin Star Chefs.
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